I am a lifestyle and commercial photographer, creatively capturing special moments, events and editorial content since 2003. I prefer a candid documentary style and will rarely ever ask you to look at the camera and smile (aside from that important shot with your grandma). I am a people person, making people feel at ease around the camera and during their special events in life.


Here is my story:

I’ve dreamed of making photography my career since I first developed a black and white photo in the dark room at Saint John High School when I was 16 years old. Realizing my passion for photography and the arts led me to the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, where I studied visual arts and photography for three years. After working with numerous commercial photographers in Toronto, I came back to the maritimes to focus on family and wedding photography, working for the greats in the field in NB at the time, Martin Flewelling and Mary-Ellen Nealis. This was so long ago, we were still shooting film. Ha!

Not ready to be a full time business owner, I headed into the corporate world doing imaging for the Victorias Secret website, growing my photoshop and web design skills. Around this time I started an art project with Saint John writer Jordan Stewart, who I ended up marrying soon after this began. We called it TwoAutumnsAgo, a weekly art collaboration between photographer and poet that ended up on people's walls, weekly in the Telegraph Journal and in office buildings around the city. We kept it going for over 3 years, posting new pieces weekly on our website.

Since then, I've become a mom of two little girls and moved to Grand Bay-Westfield, just outside of Saint John, New Brunswick. I love to laugh with family and friends and work hard with other creatives in the city.

I never want to do the same thing twice, am always up for an adventure and want to show who you are through my work.

Let’s work together! Drop me a message to get started!