Commercial Shoot - Chavah Designs / by Amy Stewart

Chavah is a beautiful friend and fashion designer that lives here in the port city. She has graduated from the same art school that I did (NBCCD) and has young children while running her own creative business and following her dreams. She also married my husbands best friend. I feel that we are kindred spirits.

I've been blessed to work along side her over the last couple years, shooting some of her wedding photos, head shots and watching her business flourish. We even cooked up an adventure giveaway that included a photoshoot styled by Chavah Designs. When she came to me with the idea to shoot her wrap dress collection for her website, we immediately started brainstorming locations and lighting options. When I found out we were able to get inside the beautiful Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal for the shoot, I did a little jump spin in excitement. This building is beautiful, has very bright light from all the tall windows and most importantly, is somewhere I have not shot before. I am someone that always wants to try new things. If you asked me if I prefer comfort or adventure, I'd definitely choose the latter. 

We showed up on a chilly January morning with 3 models and 20 dresses to photograph. Then the kicker, we only had a little over an hour to get it all done. The race was on! I set up my lights and equipment and got to work. We had an assembly line of models coming in and out of the bathroom while Chavah dressed them and I shot. Even though it was rushed, I am pleased with the outcome. I especially love the pops of colour that come from the industrial landscape that the Saint John Port has to offer. 

A big thanks to Chavah Designs, the models and cruise terminal for allowing yet another creative space for me to be challenged by.